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2023-03-22, Week 12

PaperNo Session Paper Title Topics Country Organization First Name Last Name
20230028 6C Cloud and Edge Computing Based Movable 3D Dynamic Image Recognition and Analysis Layer System for Remote Biological Laboratory AI, Recommender Syst... Taiwan National Formosa University, Ming-Shen JIAN
20230029 6C Improving Embodied Instruction Following with Deterministic Methods AI, Recommender Syst... Korea(South) Korea University Dahyun Kim
20230030 6C Linear Leakage: Better Robustness for Spiking Neural Network AI, Recommender Syst... China School of Software & Microelectronics, Peking Univ Jinming Che
20230032 5B Study on standardization for Interoperable Metaverse Metaverse, Computer ... Korea(South) ETRI Wook Hyun
20230033 5A A Survey of Data Center Network Topology Structure Communication Networ... China School of Computer and Information Engineering Mingyao Zhao
20230034 6B Time-Series Load Data Analysis for User Power Profiling Robotics, Smart City... Canada University of Windsor Mahdi Daghmehchi Firoozjaei
20230035 6C SCN-SAM: A Modified Self-Cure Network for Facial Expression Recognition Under Face Masks AI, Recommender Syst... Japan Teikyo Univ. Qiang Wu
20230036 5C Graphed-based K-Means and Shortest Distance Tree for the Construction of Elderly Safe Corridor Accident and Prevention Platform AI, Recommender Syst... Taiwan National Taitung University Ying_Jhen Su
20230038 5C Dynamic Neural Network Accelerator for Multispectral detection Based on FPGA AI, Recommender Syst... China University of Science and Technology of China Xiaotian Wang
20230039 2A NLoS-VICINITY: A Non-Line of Sight approach for Visible Light Communication based Indoor Positioning System Wireless Communicati... India Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Dhivya G
20230040 4B Analysis of Olympus DAO: a popular DeFi model Blockchain, Cryptocu... Korea(South) Sungkyunkwan University Ahyun Song
20230042 5A A Study on Connectivity Evaluation Among Peer Groups in Pure P2P Networks Communication Networ... Japan Sojo University Yutaka Naito
20230043 6D Scheduling Memory Access Optimization for HBM Based on CLOS Network Management, ... China University of Science and Technology of China Shuang Xue
20230044 3B Lightweight Group Key Establishment for Reducing Memory Overhead Information & Networ... Indonesia Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Siti Agustini
20230046 4B A Blockchain based Security Information and Event Monitoring Framework Blockchain, Cryptocu... India CDAC Satyanarayana Nanduri
20230047 5B Accelerating path tracing rendering with Multi-GPU in Blender cycles Metaverse, Computer ... China University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Jiuyi Chen
20230048 3B An Intelligent Cyber Threat Classification System Information & Networ... Taiwan Man-Ling Liao
20230049 5B Applications and Possible Challenges of Healthcare Metaverse Metaverse, Computer ... Korea(South) Inje University ALI ATHAR
20230050 6B The metaverse applications for the finance industry, its challenges, and an approach for the metaverse finance industry Metaverse, Computer ... Korea(South) Inje University Md Ariful Islam Mozumder
20230052 6D Field Testing of HEVC based Terrestrial UHD 3D Broadcast in ATSC 3.0 3D & IPTV, Internet ... Korea(South) ETRI YeonJun Choi
20230053 4B An Intelligence Defense System with SNORT Rules Hacking & Defense Se... Taiwan National Taiwan University of Science and Technolo Yi-Cheng Lai
20230058 3B Security Assist Mechanisms for Industrial Control Systems with Authentication Information & Networ... Taiwan NTUST C.W. Tsou
20230059 3B An Overview of HTTPS and DNSSEC Services Adoption in Higher Education Institutions in Brazil Information & Networ... Portugal Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo Jackson Júnior
20230060 6D Simulation of Stator Current Signal Fault Characteristics of Induction Motor based on ANSYS System Work Method, ... Bangladesh University of Science and Technology,Beijing(USTB) Atiqur Rahman
20230066 5C Multi-Modal Deep Learning for the Thickness Prediction of Blood Clot AI, Recommender Syst... Korea(South) Sungkyunkwan University Jiseon Moon
20230068 6A Performance Analysis of Virtual Learning System: A Case Study of ANGKASA Process mining, ICN,... Indonesia Telkom University Stevan Del Arisandi
20230069 6A Redesign of Indonesia E-commerce Online Review using User Information Behavior and Build-Learn-Measure Approaches System Work Method, ... Indonesia Telkom University Dana Sulistiyo Kusumo
20230070 2A Large MIMO Channel Estimation Study Based on Independent Component Analysis Wireless Communicati... Japan Meiji University Yuya Takahashi
20230071 1B Smart Mirror Activated by User’s Face Recognition with Simulation of Artificial Intelligence Classifier Authentication, Bio-... China Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology Bing-Yuh Lu
20230109 2A Multi-user Dynamic Spectrum Access Based on LR-Q Deep Reinforcement Learning Network Wireless Communicati... China School of Communication and Infomation Engineering Yuhui Li
20230128 6D Path Planning for Cellular connected UAV using Heuristic Algorithm and Reinforcement Learning Drone, UAV, ITS, LBS... Macau Macao Polytechnic University Junqi Bao
20230129 3B Analysis of DNS Graph of Phishing Websites Using Digital Certificates Information & Networ... Japan Graduate School of Informatics, Tokyo University o Yuki Ishida
20230130 5C Hybrid Personalized Book Recommender System Based on Big Data Framework AI, Recommender Syst... Singapore Institute of Systems Science Fan Liu
20230132 6A Quality of Service Aware Order Allocation for Inter-Regional Online Food Delivery Systems Process mining, ICN,... Bangladesh University of Dhaka Farhana Huq
20230133 5A QoS-aware Resource Allocation for Healthcare Data Transmission using D2D Communication in NB-IoT Communication Networ... Bangladesh University of Dhaka Nahar Sultana
20230134 4C TeacherSim Crosslingual Machine Translation Evaluation with Monolingual Embedding as Teacher AI, Recommender Syst... China huawei Hao Yang
20230135 4C Time-frequency Analysis and Convolutional Neural Network Based Fuze Jamming Signal Recognition AI, Recommender Syst... China Shandong University Jikai Yang
20230136 4A Multi-source DNN task offloading strategy based on in-network computing Mobile Communication... China Beijing Key Laboratory of Work Safety Intelligent Lizi Hu
20230137 3A 5g nr based initial access procedure simulation environment implementation including system information using ns-3 simulator Mobile Communication... Korea(South) Hanyang University Seokjoon Hong
20230138 4C A Study of AI-based Harbor Surveillance System AI, Recommender Syst... Korea(South) Electronics and Telecommunications Research Instit Dongkoo Shon
20230139 4C Development of Indicator with Interactive Visualization System AI, Recommender Syst... Japan National Institution for Academic Degrees and Qual Masaaki Ida
20230145 6B Elastic Auto-Scaling Architecture in Telco Cloud WWW, SDN, NFV, CDN, ... Viet Nam Viettel High Technology Dang Sao Cao
20230149 3C Autoencoder based framework for drone RF signal classification and novelty detection AI, Recommender Syst... Belgium Royal Military Academy Sanjoy Basak
20230150 5A On Concatenated Coding Scheme for High-Speed Ethernet Communication Networ... China Huawei technologies Co., Ltd. Nianqi Tang
20230152 3C PA-EA-ASR: Efficiently Enhancing Speech NER with Pre-trained ASR AI, Recommender Syst... China huawei Hao Yang
20230153 5B Damage Detection and Safety Diagnosis for  Immovable Cultural Assets Using Deep Learning Framework Metaverse, Computer ... Korea(South) ETRI Sang-Yun LEE
20230154 3C AI Model to Improve HR Decision-Making with Machine Learning Predictions AI, Recommender Syst... China Anhui University of Science and Technology Helene Fomude Akwi
20230155 2A NB-IoT NTN Band-Edge Attenuation/EVM Tradeoff with Real-System Verification Wireless Communicati... Taiwan Yuan Ze University Chenh-Feng Li
20230156 2A Development of Cost-Effective Wi-Fi 6 SISO/MIMO Vector Signal Generator and Analyzer Wireless Communicati... Taiwan Yuan-Ze University Jeng-Kuang Hwang
20230157 1A Enhanced Deep Residual Shrinkage Network Based Channel Estimation in RIS Communication System Wireless Communicati... China Shandong University Yuanyuan Ma
20230158 3C Estimation of Power Generation and Consumption based on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence AI, Recommender Syst... Korea(South) Sejong University SooHyun Shin
20230159 5B DC Nanogrid using IEC 61850 Robotics, Smart City... Korea(South) Sejong university GoWoon Kang
20230161 2B Development of Security Target for Router Based on ENISA Common Criteria Framework Information & Networ... Taiwan NTUST Jiann-Liang CHEN
20230164 3A Joint Resource Allocation and Task Offloading for Hybrid NOMA-assisted MEC Network with Network Slicing Mobile Communication... China State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company Yong Zhang
20230167 2B Intrusion Detection System for AI Box Based on Machine Learning Information & Networ... Taiwan NTUST Jiann-Liang Chen
20230170 2C A Deep Learning-Based Real-Time Video Object Contextualizing And Archiving System AI, Recommender Syst... Korea(South) Kyonggi Dinh-Lam Pham
20230176 3A An Adaptive User Scheduling Algorithm for 6G Massive MIMO Systems Mobile Communication... USA Fitchburg State University Robin Chataut
20230179 2C Evolving Interest for Information Diffusion Prediction on Social Network AI, Recommender Syst... China Computer Network Information Center Yuyang Liu
20230182 1A ILLUMINATE: Visible Light Communication enabled Smart Indoor Lighting and Control System Wireless Communicati... India Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Dhivya G
20230185 6B Review of Internet of Things security protocols – A Bibliometric Analysis Software Platform, ... South Africa Walter Sisulu University Gardner Mwansa
20230188 2C Density peak clustering evaluation AI, Recommender Syst... Viet Nam Vietnam National University Viet-Vu Vu
20230191 3A A Density-Based RSU Deployment and Optimization Heuristic Method for Vehicular Networks Mobile Communication... China Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua Uni Yi Feng
20230194 4A Study of Cluster-Based D2D Communication in Next Generation Mobile Network for the Post-Disaster Response. Communication Networ... New Zealand Massey University Shakil Ahmed
20230203 4A Bayesian Constrained Optimization of IEEE 802.11 VANET for Safety Applications Communication Networ... USA Oral Roberts University Shengli DIng
20230206 2C Distributed Spatial Transformer for Object Tracking in Multi-Camera AI, Recommender Syst... China Macao Polytechnic University Sio-Kei Im
20230209 1C Intent Classification of Users Conversation using BERT for Conversational Dialogue System AI, Recommender Syst... India Terenz Co., Ltd Sabyasachi Chakraborty
20230212 2B Hierarchical DP-K Anonymous Data Publishing Model Based on Binary Tree Information & Networ... China Big Data Center of State Grid Corporation of China YUXIAO XIA
20230219 2B Tracking Risks from Multi-path TDoA-based Localization in Wireless Communications Information & Networ... Taiwan National Chung Cheng University Lan-Huong Nguyen
20230222 6A A Design of Data Interaction Interface Based on DDS for UAV-Borne SAR Distributed Simulation System Work Method, ... China Beijing Institute of Technology Feixi Tang
20230225 1B Dimensional Feature Reduction for Detecting Botnet Activities Information & Networ... Indonesia Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Muhammad Aidiel Rachman Putra
20230228 1A MUSIC Spectrum Based Interference Detection and Localization for mmWave RIS-MIMO System Wireless Communicati... Japan Okayama University Yafei Hou
20230234 1A Proactive Rank Adaptation Method Using Probabilistic Interference Arrival Information Wireless Communicati... Japan ATR Takayuki Matsumuro
20230237 6C Blockchain System for Trustless Healthcare Data Sharing with Hyperledger Fabric in Action Blockchain, Cryptocu... Korea(South) Inje University Muhammad Mohsan Sheeraz
20230240 1C Activation functions for deep learning: an application for rare-form attack detection in wireless local area network (WLAN) AI, Recommender Syst... Viet Nam Vietnam National University Viet-Vu Vu
20230243 3A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for D2D-assisted MEC system with Energy Harvesting Mobile Communication... China University of Electronic Science and Technology of Xin Mi
20230246 1C Denoising CNN Based Channel Estimation for Vehicular OTFS Communication System AI, Recommender Syst... China Shandong University Bangwei He
20230249 4A Review of New Data Center Network Structure Communication Networ... China School of Computer and Information Engineering Weiqiang Xue
20230252 1B A Terminal Trust Assessment Method Based on Consensus Trust Aggregation Information & Networ... China State Grid Qinghai Information & Telecommunication Shixin Cheng
20230261 6B Medical Education, Training and Treatment Using Extended Reality in Healthcare Metaverse, Computer ... Korea(South) Inje University Shah Mahsoom Ali
20230270 1C Fuzzy PID Controlled Temperature in Phototherapy Incubator for Infant Jaundice Treatment: A Simulation AI, Recommender Syst... China Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology Juhui He
20230276 1B A Horizontal Federated-Learning Model for Detecting Abnormal Traffic Generated by Malware in IoT Networks Information & Networ... Viet Nam The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State Universi Phuc Hao Do