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  Step1. Participant Informations
  Registrant is identified by 'First Name' and 'E-mail', Please input the exact data.
Registration Type Ordinary Journal Paper Invited Journal Paper
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  Step 2. Registration Payment
※At least one author per paper must get pre-registration!
Credit Card Wire-Transfer On-Site Registration
Acceptable Credit Cards

※ Write down the credit card number with 16 digits & valid thru(mm/yy),
(Ex.1) VISA 1234-1234-1234-1234 (02/15)
in the below Payment Details.
* Beneficiary Bank Information
Bank Name: National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Branch: Pyung-Hwa Branch
Address: 18-219, Euljiro 6-Ga, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea(South)
Tel: +82-2-2266-2136
FAX: +82-2-2265-8646
Beneficiary Account No:452-0004-4245-31(Dollar account)
Beneficiary Name: Global IT Research Institute(GIRI)

※ Write down the remitter name in the below Payment Details who must be identified exactly by the name of author or attendee.
(Ex.2) Remitter: Burak Obama
※ Send us the scanned file of your receipt of your Wire-Transfer via your eMail.
Acceptable Payment On-Site:
- Cash

※ On-Site registratio is only for general participant.
(Ex.3) On-Site: Burak Obama

                           ※ Card Name + Number(16 digits) + Valid Thru(mm/yy) in case of Credit card.
※ Payment Details   
                           (Ex.1) VISA 1234-1234-1234-1234 (02/15)
                           (Ex.2) Remitter: Burak Obama
                           (Ex.3) On-Site: Burak Obama
Registration Fee

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Total = Registration + Additional Paper + Room Fee + Notarial Fee

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