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2024-02-27, Week 9
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Title : R&D for the Next Generation Networks & FTTH in NTT
Time : 2/18, 16:40~18:00
Speaker : Mr. Hiromichi Shinohara (Associate Senior Vice President of NTT)
Mr. Hiromichi Shinohara has been a Associate Senior Vice President of NTT, Executive Director of NTT Information Sharing Laboratory Group since June 2007. He joined NTT Laboratories in 1978. He has consistently been spending his carrier to realize FTTH. In addition, he has recently been engaged in strategic planning and promoting of research and development for NGN architecture and platform technologies.

Abstract : NTT is now constructing the next generation network (NGN) while promoting FTTH for broadband access. NTT has two objectives in constructing the NGN, one is to reduce both OPEX and CAPEX and the other one is to increase profit by promoting broadband & ubiquitous service and by expanding telecom market. In Japan, FTTH market is growing very rapidly. The number of FTTH users surpassed 10 million in September 2007. The number of FTTH users in NTT has already outstripped the one of ADSL. This presentation introduces R&D activities for NGN and FTTH in NTT. Firstly, it will explain the circumstances surrounding NTT and give an overview of the Japanese FTTH market. Key technologies for realizing the NGN will be addressed.It will describe FTTH services that NTT is currently offering, typical applications on FTTH. Lessons learned from actual FTTH deployment and key technologies that enabled massive FTTH rollout will be also discussed. Technologies required for entering full-scale FTTH era will bealso discussed.

Title : IT Mega-trend and KT Vision
Time : 2/18, 16:40~18:00
Speaker : Mr. Sanghong Lee (Senior Vice President of KT)
Mr. Sanghong Lee received his Ph.D. in information science from Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea in 1997. From 1980 to 1983, he worked as a research engineer at ETRI. He joined KT R&D group in 1984 and worked as the head of Service Development Lab. and Convergence Service Lab. Dr. Lee is currently the head of Infra Lab., KT. He leads WiBro system, FTTH, BcN service and terminal development. Dr. Lee is also serving as the chair for Digital Home Forum and DRM Forum in Korea.

Abstract : Whatever industries always have the choice of Challenges and Chances. All the management has been forced to choose the business direction, and were wrong decision made without catching the mega-trend, the one hundred year old company could disappear. The change of IT trend is as fast as any other industry parts, therefore the survival and sustainable growth of IT company is not easy. In this speech, the main trends in IT industry will be presented and the status of IT business including WiBro, FTTH, IPTV in KT, and future vision of KT will be also explained.

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