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2022-08-19, Week 34
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Title : Web Hacking & Defensing - Web hacking is nothing more than the skill of this century ! Download
Time : Feb. 19 (Sun) 2017
Speaker : Prof. Thomas Byeong-Nam Yoon, PhD.
He was born in Seoul Korea. He is organizer of this conference & ICACT-TACT Journal, was professor in faculty of Computer Science, Kyonggi University (KGU) 2010~ 2016 and in charge of the Future Internet Lab, affiliated professor in faculty of Information & Communications, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) 1999 ~ 2007 in Korea. He obtained his BSc from Hanyang University, MSc from Chungju University, and PhD from Chungnam National University, Korea. He has been accredited as a Computer System Specialist by UNIVAC, Princeton USA 1975, a Telecom System Specialist by ALCATEL, Antwerp Belgium 1979, a Telecom System Designer by LME, Stockholm Sweden 1983. a SPICE Assessor by ISO/IEC 15504 Information technology – Process assessment 2000. He was Chair of Asian Infocom Council (AIC) Asian 9 Countries 1997-2003. He was Computer Specialist in Sperry Rand UNIVAC USA 1974-1978, M10CN Section Manager in Samsung 1978-1982, Communications System Development Project Manager of TDX/CDMA, ISDN, Intelligent Network, HiTEL/PC, ATM, MPLS/Router in ETRI 1982-1999, National Grand Project Manager of the Korea Information Super Highway, eGovernment, ASP for SMEs, Internet Switching Center for ISPs, IPv6 center, RSA eSignature Center & National Back-up Center for eGovernment in NIA 1999-2009, Korea.

Keywords: HTTP, Cookie, XSS, SQL Injection, PAROS, JDK, Server Side Program, Java Script, Weblog, Logparser

Abstract : We all know that Web hacking is nothing more than the skill of this century. So what does it means? It means that not everyone can get that skill. so you can see how privileged is to know Web hacking, in other hands its just like a sport, some are born with the talent, some have to practice a lot to get the necessary skills. The reason why a lot of newbies and non-professional hackers fail to get a successful Web hacking is because they don´t want to scrutinize closely, most of time they want a magic button where they can click and that´s all. But in the reality it does not work like that, the first thing you have to do is a good knowledge about Web technologies, for those familiar with the software development is easier to understand what I mean, you can not develop a good software without a good work method. Thus, in this tutorial covers fundamental Web technologies, useful hacking tools and methods with showing real time demonstrations so far time allowed. It shall be good enough for you to be good white hacker as a first step, take a cup of coffee, grab your chair, and start to enjoy this what I am going to show you. Lastly I wanna wish happy new year and happy hacking for you all!
Keywords: HTTP, Cookie, XSS, SQL Injection, PAROS, JDK, Server Side Program, Java Script, Weblog, Logparser

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