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Daily Program: Feb. 17   |   Feb. 18   |   Feb. 19   |   Feb. 20
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Plenary Session Tutorial Session

Feb. 17
15:00~18:00 Registration
16:00~18:00 Tutorial Session
3G Access Network Evolution towards IMT_Advanced system
IPTV Standardization and Technical Issues
L2/L3 Mobility Support for All IP Networks
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Feb. 18
09:00~10:20 Session 1A
1A: Wireless Communication Technology (I)
Session 1B
1B: Mobile Communications (I)
Session 1C
1C: Next Generation Network Technology (I)
Session 1D
1D: RFID & USN Technologies (I)
Session 1E
1E: Systems & Software Engineering(I)
Session 1F
1F: Network Management, Operation and Maintenance(I)
10:20~10:40 Coffe Break
10:40~12:00 Session 2A
2A: Wireless Communication Technology (II)
Session 2B
2B: Mobile Communications (II)
Session 2C
2C: Next Generation Network Technology (II)
Session 2D
2D: RFID & USN Technologies (II)
Session 2E
2E: Systems & Software Engineering(II)
Session 2F
2F: Network Management, Operation and Maintenance(II)
Session 2G
2G: Poster Session(I)
12:00~13:20 Lunch
13:20~14:40 Session 3A
3A: Wireless Communication Technology (III)
Session 3B
3B: Mobile Communications (III)
Session 3C
3C: Next Generation Network Technology (III)
Session 3D
3D: RFID & USN Technologies (III)
Session 3E
3E: Telematics Technology(I)
Session 3F
3F: Communication Network Topology & Planning(I)
14:40~15:00 Coffe Break
15:00~16:20 Session 4A
4A: Wireless Communication Technology (IV)
Session 4B
4B: Mobile Communications (IV)
Session 4C
4C: Next Generation Network Technology (IV)
Session 4D
4D: RFID & USN Technologies (IV)
Session 4E
4E: Telematics Technology (II)
Session 4F
4F: Communication Network Topology & Planning (II)
Session 4G
4G: Poster Session(II)
16:20~16:40 Coffe Break
16:40~18:00 Plenary Session (Phoenix Ballroom)
18:30~20:00 Opening & Banquet (Phoenix Ballroom)
08:30~15:00 Registration
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Feb. 19
09:00~10:20 Session 5A
5A: Wireless Communication Technology (V)
Session 5B
5B: Mobile Communications (V)
Session 5C
5C: Next Generation Network Technology (V)
Session 5D
5D: RFID & USN Technologies (V)
Session 5E
5E: Multimedia and Internet Systems, and Services (I)
Session 5F
5F: Information Security Technology (I)
10:20~10:40 Coffe Break
10:40~12:00 Session 6A
6A: Wireless Communication Technology (VI)
Session 6B
6B: Mobile Communications (VI)
Session 6C
6C: Next Generation Network Technology (VI)
Session 6D
6D: RFID & USN Technologies (VI)
Session 6E
6E: Multimedia and Internet Systems, and Services (II)
Session 6F
6F: Information Security Technology (II)
Session 6G
6G: Poster Session(III)
12:00~13:20 Lunch
13:20~14:40 Session 7A
7A: Wireless Communication Technology (VII)
Session 7B
7B: Mobile Communications (VII)
Session 7C
7C: Mobile Internet (I)
Session 7D
7D: RFID & USN Technologies (VII)
Session 7E
7E: Multimedia and Internet Systems, and Services (III)
Session 7F
7F: Information Security Technology (III)
14:40~15:00 Coffee Break
15:00~16:20 Session 8A
8A: Wireless Communication Technologies (VIII)
Session 8B
8B: Mobile Communications (VIII)
Session 8C
8C: Mobile Internet (II)
Session 8D
8D: Digital Broadcasting Technology (I)
Session 8E
8E: Multimedia and Internet Systems, and Services (IV)
Session 8F
8F: Information Security Technology (IV)
Session 8G
8G: Poster Session(IV)
16:20~16:40 Coffee Break
16:40~18:00 Session 9A
9A: Wireless Communication Technology (IX)
Session 9B
9B: IT Service Technology
Session 9C
9C: Mobile Internet (III)
Session 9D
9D: Digital Broadcasting Technology (II)
Session 9E
9E: Multimedia and Internet Systems, and Services (V)
Session 9F
9F: Information Security Technology (V)
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Feb. 20
09:00~10:20 Session 10A
10A: Wireless Communication Technology (X)
Session 10B
10B: Digital Home Technology (I)
Session 10C
10C: E-Commerce and M-Commerce (I)
Session 10D
10D: Optical Networking Technology (I)
Session 10E
10E: Web Technology (I)
Session 10F
10F: Distributed Computing Technologies (I)
10:20~10:40 Coffe Break
10:40~12:00 Session 11A
11A: Wireless Communication Technology (XI)
Session 11B
11B: Digital Home Technology (II)
Session 11C
11C: E-Commerce and M-Commerce (II)
Session 11D
11D: Optical Networking Technology (II)
Session 11E
11E: Web Technology (II)
Session 11F
11F: Distributed Computing Technologies (II)
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