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The International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT) consists of the International Steering Committee, the Organization & Operation Committee, the Technical Program Committee with a couple of hundreds of editors and reviewers, and the Local Arrangement & Registration Committee with their full of enthusiasm from the whole world. The main roles of committees are concentrated on to make the annual ICACT conference successful in various fields like international cooperation, organization promotion, paper review, technical program provision, venue provision, membership management, state of art of the current issue information service, academia R&D project management, paper publication, outstanding paper award selection, etc, and also to publish the international well-known journal. All the members of the committees are annually renewed for the annual ICACT international conference academia event in full compliance with IEEE policy and the technically co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc.
Prof. Andrey Koucheryavy, D.Sc.
Chair, International Steering Committee of International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT)
Chairman of International Telecommunication Union, ITU-T SG11 in Study period 2017-2020
Dean, St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, Russia
Technical Program Committee
Dr. Lee, Hyeong-Ho, ETRI, Korea (Chair)
Dr. S. Srinivasan, University of Louisville, USA
Dr. Choi, Jin Seek, Hanyang University, Korea
Dr. Huijuan Cui, Tsinghua University, China
Dr. Aysegul Gencata, Istanbul Technical Univ., Turkey
Dr. Sibabrata Ray, University of Alabama, USA
Dr. Rudra Datta, North Carolina State Univ., USA
Dr. Kahng, Hyun-Kook, Korea Univ., Korea
Dr. Kim, Chang-Bong, Kongju National Univ., Korea
Dr. Dereck C W Pao, City Univ. of Hong Kong
Dr. Choi, Jun-Kyun, ICU, Korea
Dr. Jeon, Yong-Hee, CUD , Korea
Dr. Kim, Hwa-Sung, Kwang-Woon Univ., Korea
Dr. Yoo, Jeong-Ju, ETRI, Korea
Mr. Ahn, Jae-young, ETRI, Korea
Dr. Kim, Moo Wan, Tokyo University of Information Sciences, Japan
Dr. Lee, Jong Hyup, Inje Univ., Korea
Dr. Tony T. Lee, Chinese University, China
Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Abd-El Aziz, Thebes Academy, Egypt
Dr. Lee, Hee-Cheol, Huree Univ. in Mongolia
Dr. Mitch Haspel, Stochastikos Solutions, Israel
Dr. Hong, You-Sik, Sangji University, Korea
Dr. Cho, Jin-Woong , KETI, Korea
Dr. Kim, Dae-Young, ICU, Korea
Dr. Jung, Hee-Chang, NIA, Korea
Dr. Sudip Misra, IT-Architect, Canada
Mr. Mok, jin-Dam, ETRI, Korea
Local Arrangement Committee
Mr. Song, Myung-Won, NIA, Korea (Chair)
Mr. Kim, Tae-IL, ETRI, Korea (Co-Chair)
Dr. Kang, Sun-Moo, NIA, Korea
Ms. Choe, Won-Jung, Korea

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